Sam Gibbs – CAT(C), MT, DOMP, MS, MSc
Osteopathy and Functional Medicine

Sam Gibbs
Sam GibbsCAT(C), MT, DOMP, MS, MSc Osteopathy and Functional Medicine
We believe that Collaboration, precision and accountability are the hallmarks of premium healthcare, and the only way to realize our patient’s pursuit of healing. A team-based approach is complex because of the many moving parts, but it does not need to be complicated for the patient. Sam has a long history working in high-performance team settings having been named to leadership roles for multiple Olympic games and held medical positions with many professional and National sporting organizations. His interest lies in tissue healing, and the integration of the biochemical and physical components that make healing efficient. He is an Athletic therapist, massage therapist and Osteopathic practitioner. He holds Master’s degrees in Functional medicine, human nutrition and Applied Neuroscience. As a co-founder at Venn, Sam has been able to draw from his range of experiences to ensure the space is one where patients of all levels of function will want to start their road to recovery.