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At Venn, we use a team-based, integrative approach to resolve chronic health issues. By working together, we bring comprehensive solutions to even the most complex problems. This “intersected healthcare” puts the patient – YOU – at the centre.

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Your body is constantly working to heal itself, but Venn practitioners know that destructive processes and chronic problems can stall your healing potential. When this happens, a single treatment approach is rarely enough to restore your health completely. That’s why Venn practitioners collaborate on multiple approaches that work together and with your body to resolve your complex problems and help you achieve full health.

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Roadmap to Recovery

Determining how to restore your health can be a complex process, but your treatment plan doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. The experts at Venn work in teams to simplify your healing process in ways you can manage and understand. We use our collective insights to untangle difficult problems, pinpoint root causes, and identify a pathway to fix them.

If you’re stuck in a chronic symptom circle, where the symptoms keep returning regardless of what you’re doing, you might be on the wrong road to recovery. Let us show you how our signature map can simplify the process and get you back on track.

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In as little as five days of intensive care, many of our patients experience positive results and improved function. We also offer more extensive care programs for patients whose conditions and logistics need it.






Some trusted companies and resources we use to help our patients.

Our ongoing communications with practitioners across various fields has made us a resource for colleagues looking to collaborate, or who require our support for their patients.

“The team at Venn Med have designed a unique system that is well suited to tackle complex health issues. It’s always a pleasure collaborating with them on their patient care.”
Dr. Sam Yanuck , Cogence Immunology
“Chronic neurological dysfunction requires a comprehensive approach to untangle any hidden issues preventing resolution. Collaboration is key, and Venn is a clear leader model of care.”
Dr. Glen Zielinski , Northwest Functional Neurology
“Complex health issues require a collaborative approach to optimize recovery. The healthcare team at Venn has been a great resource for some of our most difficult cases. They communicate well and have great skill set making it easy to work together as a team.”
Dr. Marc Scappaticci, DC, Founder - The FIT Institute

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