Christie Misketis – R.Kin, CAT(Cand)
Kinesiology, Athletic Therapy & Neurological Rehabilitation

Christie Misketis
Christie MisketisR.Kin, CAT(C) Kinesiology, Athletic Therapy & Neurological Rehabilitation

Christie has years of experience practicing as a registered kinesiologist and has added to her training with a second degree in applied health science and certification in athletic therapy. She is one of few therapists trained in the application of PoNS treatmentâ„¢ for neurological disorders. She brings her unique lens to her practice as she analyses details of movement through her expertise in gymnastics training. Focusing on the often neglected brain-body connection that is key to efficient movement.

Christie has been involved in sports her whole life. She became frustrated with the disconnect between injury and return to full performance. She re-shaped her practice to assist others in regaining full functionality returning to the activities they love. These experiences helped her see how the brain governs movement, and how imperative it is in recovery.

She designs and executes treatment plans for a wide variety of conditions, and has a special focus on:

  1. Concussion/TBI rehabilitation
  2. Post-injury/surgery return to activity
  3. Movement disorders – Stroke, MS, Cerebral Palsy
  4. Spinal Cord Injury
  5. Adolescent/kids with coordination
  6. issues

Christie continues her education and research to better serve her patients. She recently completed a research review on the applicability of PoNS treatment.